Are you an author or a publisher?

By on January 25, 2015

You’re an author, right? You set out to be an author. Me too, fiction and nonfiction. Taking the high road, not the boorish road of the publishers, who seem only interested in making money. But, unfortunately, we’ve got to become publishers to market our books in the Kindle Store. So we’re really publishers too, certainly reluctantly, but publishers nonetheless.

Ok, what if you set out to be one of those money-grubbing publishers first? Huh. Interesting idea, I thought. I could use the cash. But how would one go about that? Wesley Atkins (same guy who did KindleSPY) has a straightforward answer: the Kindle 1k System, a step-by-step method to publish roughly 8-12 nonfiction Kindle niche books in 60 days to earn $1000 a month.

Sounds kinda crazy, doesn’t it? But the training is only $37 (starting January 26, 2015  for one week only), and I’m a bit ashamed to admit that $37 is less than I spend on lottery tickets every month. So I got a pre-launch copy of the Kindle 1k System and started working my way through the training. To my surprise, it actually seems doable. And, of course, there’s a 60-day money back guarantee.

Some of training in the 6 Modules & 25 Step by Step Videos

  • How to Make Your First $1k Per Month on Kindle
  • How to Create Best Selling Books on Amazon Kindle
  • How to Create Irresistible Hooks & Titles That Demand Attention
  • How To Leverage Amazon KDP Promotions the RIGHT Way

Check it out and see if you agree that this might just work …


Kindle 1k System


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  1. Dan

    February 3, 2015 at 11:32 am

    Whoops! The sale is over and the price of the Kindle 1k System just jumped back to the “normal” price of $67. I’ll let you know if and when there’s another sale.


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