Can you get these domains?

By on June 28, 2015

Just for grins today I googled “.author” and “.writer” domains. I was surprised to see that they were available. Well, they really aren’t available yet, but several companies are happy to preregister your domain name, say “” or “dan.writer” in case those domain extensions ever became available. Same for “.book” and “.novel”.

These companies won’t guarantee that you’ll actually get that domain name, but they’ll take your money (admittedly, not much, typically $0.99/year).

Not all companies will do this preregistration. Major companies like Network Solutions and (my hosting company) GoDaddy won’t preregister unavailable domain names.

I did think it was neat that both Network Solutions and GoDaddy suggest other domain names that currently are available. When I searched for “dan.novel”, they both suggested “”. LOL.






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