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By on June 4, 2015

In case you’re unfamiliar with CreateSpace, it’s an Amazon tool to help you publish a paperback book. Your finished book is sold as print-on-demand. The big problem is getting to that “finished” book. I tried CreateSpace once before, but I kept getting formatting error messages, plus my text didn’t fit into the margins, and I really didn’t have the time to fool with it at the time, so I gave up on it.

Now Wesley Atkins has developed the Paperback Profit Formula, a set of videos to walk newbies through the CreateSpace process. Not only that — he’s created a template that’s easy to use and that prevents you from making the most common formatting errors. I know this because I’ve been using the template with not one, but two of my Kindle books: a short story book (54 pages) and my military thriller Field Piece (785 pages). Those are page counts using the template. I already have covers for the books, one that I purchased on Fiverr.com, and the other from my favorite graphics guy. Now I’m asking the experts who made the covers to produce full cover images with back pages and a book spines. (Constant reader will already know that I have little talent when it comes to graphics.)

CreateSpace has an algorithm that determines the minimum cost of the finished paperback. With a really large book like Field Piece, the minimum cost seems outrageous. For Field Piece it is over $25. Now who would buy a paperback book (even a great one like Field Piece) for $25 when they could buy the Kindle version for $4.99? Probably no one is my guess.

However, when you consider buying a book in the Kindle Store, if you see that it is also available in paperback, the book takes on some credibility as a “real” book, not just something that someone threw together overnight (BTW, Field Piece was written over a two-year period). If it’s a decent price, they’ll buy it, or the Kindle version. Also, when potential customers see a horrendous price (such as over $25), they feel that they are getting a great deal on the Kindle version that is so inexpensive. So the fact that a paperback is available acts as a “call to action” for the purchase.

There’s actually more content to Paperback Profit Formula than just creating the paperback. Wesley also show you how to find and use a good designer for your cover and how to plan and execute a Goodreads Giveaway to increase sales. Plus there are more videos on how to avoid common problems with the submission.

The cost of Paperback Profit Formula is a measley $17 during the product launch (Thursday 6/4 through Sunday 6/7 — $47 after Sunday). I blew more than that on lottery tickets this week (a bad habit). And, of course, there’s a 60-day money back guarantee.

I think you’ll agree with me that Paperback Profit Formula is a great buy at only $17!

I’ll keep you posted on my progress with these CreateSpace books and their affect on sales.


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