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By on September 7, 2015

How do you promote your Kindle eBooks? Do you use Fiverr? Maybe you have freelancer’s who promote your Kindle eBooks?

Whatever you use, there’s no denying that managing outsourcers can be a PAIN. And pretty costly when marketing each of your Kindle eBooks.

Doing it yourself? Takes a lot of your precious little time. Not fun.

Wesley Atkins of KDSPY fame (I use it all the time) has just created some new software: KDROI. Like KDSPY, it’s a very simple to use Chrome or Firefox extension. It makes it easy to submit your Kindle book’s FREE KDP days to a bunch of sites.

Here’s how it works:

1. You setup a FREE KDP promotion for your Kindle book in your KDP account.

2. View your book on the Kindle Store.

3. Click on the KDROI extension and enter your email address and other basic information about your book.

4. Select the sites you want to submit to. (22 sites so far & growing).

5. Click submit.… and in less than 15 seconds, you’re done.

Well, almost. A few of the sites that your book is submitted to send you emails that require you to respond to complete the submission – click those links and then you’re done.

This is version #1 of KDROI. If you get KDROI now, you’ll automatically get a lifetime of updates free. Some of the planned updates are

1. More sites

2. 99-cent book promotions

3. Kindle Unlimited submissions

4. Permafree submissions

5. Facebook and Twitter submissions

See it in action here.

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