Erotica has e-readers to thank

By on July 11, 2015

Few benefits of the e-reader are as attractive as the privacy it affords, and so after the launch of the Kindle, that’s when erotic romance really took off.

I was surprised when I first searched the Kindle Store for erotica. Tons and tons of it. 50 Shades. Monster erotica. Who reads this stuff? Well, apparently a lot of people. I mentioned my revelation to the woman who cuts my hair, and she said “Oh, yeah.  My [60-year old] mother reads all the monster erotica. Can’t get enough of it.”

I decided to see what all the fuss was about. I mean, erotica stops short of porn, right? Evidently not any more. If Justice Potter Stewart’s famous criterion “I know it when I see it” from a 1964 SCOTUS pornography case were applied to one of the most famous monster erotica books, I’m sure it would be over the line. (For awhile Amazon made the author change the title of this series from “Cum for Bigfoot” to “Moan for Bigfoot”, but I guess that lame attempt to appease the prudes has been abandoned.)


I love the description of this book, which contains the following line: “Thus begins the erotic adventure of a lifetime, and an inconceivable love story between a young woman and her horny Sasquatch.” Gotta laugh at that! It definitely was conceivable, at least for the author, Virginia Wade, who has made a fortune from these books. Good going, Virginia! (Think she got the idea from “Beauty and the Beast”?)


Check out the full text of the post on The Guardian: Gay vampires and bisexual cowboys: why erotica has e-readers to thank


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