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By on September 19, 2014

I’m kinda on the fence on this one. Amazon certainly has a point that mainstream publishers charge too much for their books. But when those books are put into Kindle, who is making the 35% commission? Not the authors certainly, so if companies like Hachette lower their prices, that means the authors are going to make even less. So I can see those authors siding with their publisher.  Wouldn’t they be crazy not to?   And another thing: if the price is between $2.99 and $9.99, the publisher could get the 70% commission, right?  What do you think? (BTW do you like the big Amazon jungle cat preying on the poor, defenseless publishers?) …Ed.

[Business Insider]

As the war over e-book prices continues between Amazon and “Big Five” book publisher Hachette, a group of authors is sending a letter to Amazon’s board of directors, warning them that their reputations — as well as the company’s — are at risk.

“Efforts to impede or block the sale of books have a long and ugly history,” the letter says, according to the New York Times. “Do you, personally, want to be associated with this?”

The group, called Authors United, includes major Hachette writers like Stephen King and John Grisham (as well as non-Hachette authors) who protest Amazon’s negotiating tactics.

In its efforts to convince Hachette to price all its e-books at $9.99, Amazon has refused pre-orders and stalled delivery of Hachette books. As a result, Hachette authors report their sales on Amazon have sunk by at least 50% — and in some cases as much as 90%.

“Since its founding, Amazon has been a highly regarded and progressive brand,” the letter to Amazon’s board continues. “But if this is how Amazon continues to treat the literary community, how long will the company’s fine reputation last?”

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos is the chairman of the board. Other members include Tom Alberg, from Madrona Venture Group; John Seely Brown, former director of Xerox’s research center; William Gordon, from Kleiner Perkins; Jamie Gorelick, deputy attorney general during the Clinton administration; Judith McGrath, former MTV chairwoman; Alain Monie, from Ingram; Jonathan Rubinstein, former CEO of Palm; Thomas Ryder, former CEO of Reader’s Digest; and Patricia Stonesifer, CEO of nonprofit Martha’s Table.

Here’s the full letter:

via Hachette Authors United Write To Amazon Board – Business Insider.

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