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By on May 8, 2015

I just installed Version 4 of KindleSPY.

Now I’m not going to review all the basics of the software or even the updates to the software — you can watch the videos on that here. You’ll be impressed.

Everyone (including me) is using KindleSPY to research profitable niches in the Kindle Store. I recently used KindleSPY to find what I hope is going to be a great niche, and I’d tell you about my newly discovered niche, but I don’t want anyone else jumping on the bandwagon and kicking me off! So that shall remain a secret, for now anyway.

No, what I’m going to tell you about is my secondary use for KindleSPY.

I get tons of emails from wannabe Internet marketers (I bet you do too!) trying to sell me their templates for producing Kindle books, how to create terrific titles for Kindle books, easy ways to write Kindle books, how to outsource writing of Kindle books, and, of course, how to sell thousands of Kindle books, and how to jumpstart lagging sales of Kindle books. All of these emails claim that the purveyors of these grandiose products are bestselling Kindle authors, having sold tens of thousands of Kindle books, and I could too if I would only, please, please buy their products! I’d be lying if I told you I hadn’t fallen for that a few times myself.

You may have noticed that I have only written posts about a couple of these products, and I only advertise one or two on this blog. That’s because I use KindleSPY to research those claims on the Kindle Store. I go to the marketer’s author page on Amazon, (What! No author page! Well, that’s probably significant…) and I use KindleSPY to determine how much money the author is making per month. Most of the time my research shows that the wannabe marketers are only selling enough books a month to bankroll a few trips to a fast-food restaurant. Now that doesn’t give me a warm fuzzy about trying to push their products.

Ok, maybe an author had great sales in the past but now is not doing so well. Should I try to push that wannabe marketer’s product on you? I think not.

And granted, if an Internet marketer is using a pen name to sell Kindle books, and I don’t know that pen name, I won’t be able to check out their claims using KindleSPY. But why would anyone want to hide a good sales record if they’re advertising a product that supposedly will make a difference? Again, I won’t push that product on you.

I’ve rambled on here, telling you about my aversion to foistiing lackluster products on you. The bottom line is that KindleSPY is helping me find new, profitable niches, and it’s also helping me determine which Internet marketer offers are worthwhile to pass on to you.

Check out the sales page for KindleSPY. If you buy it and it isn’t all that you expected, use the money-back guarantee in the first 30 days. NP.



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