Is Kindle Unlimited for you?

By on January 18, 2015

Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited ebook subscription has the largest number of books of any subscription service: over 640,000 ebooks and over 7,000 audiobooks. And there’s a 30-day free trial and only $9.99 a month after that. But there are some serious limitations, like very few best sellers or other books you’d really want to read. Kindle Unlimited turned out to be not so cost-effective for me, but it might be for you if you are a voracious reader. Check out this great post from Ebook Friendly!


1. Kindle Unlimited has the largest offer among ebook subscription services

Judging on the quantity alone, the Amazon’s ebook subscription has the largest number of books on offer. There are over 640,000 ebooks to choose from as well as over 7,000 audiobooks. You’ll be eligible to read and listen to them for a monthly fee of $9.99, after a 30-day free trial.

Compare that to other ebook subscription services:

  • Scribd and Bookmate have 400,000 books each,
  • Oyster comes with over half a million,
  • Entitle has 200,000 titles.

Compare that to other Kindle Store numbers:

  • the total number of books in the Kindle Store is now over 2.7 million – Kindle Unlimited makes 24% of it,
  • the number of books available for free for Prime members, via Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, is similar to Kindle Unlimited – over 600,000 at the moment.

A word “unlimited” is fully judged here, but… 

2. You won’t find a lot of bestsellers

When you visit Kindle Unlimitedebook subscription front page, you’ll be pleased to find here the Hunger Games, Harry Potter, and Lord of the Rings.

Don’t get too excited.

Major publishers opted out from Amazon’s ebook subscription offer. Books from Hachette, MacMillan, Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins, and Penguin are not included.

That means you won’t find here top bestselling books from Janet Evanovich, Stephen King, Dan Brown, or Nora Roberts. There is no The Fault in Our Stars. You won’t find the Divergent series, nor A Game of Thrones saga.

In fact, when you go through the list of the NY Times Bestsellers in the Kindle Storeyou’ll find few that are available via Kindle Unlimited ebook subscription.

Other ebook subscription services are not packed with bestsellers and hot new releases, either. However, Scribd and Oyster offer books from HarperCollins and Simon & Schuster.

3. Don’t expect huge savings – most of Kindle Unlimited books cost $2.99 or less

A first reason to start ebook subscription is potential savings to be made.

A very clear starting point is getting a $12.99 ebook for the ebook subscription price of $9.99. It will hardly happen with Kindle Unlimited, as most of bestsellers priced $10 or more come from big publishers, and they are excluded from the offer.

Instead, you can expect lots of titles priced $0.99 or $2.99. It’s because Kindle Unlimited is mostly populated by titles from Amazon’s self-publishing platform – Kindle Direct Publishing.

That doesn’t mean you’ll find mediocre books in Kindle Unlimited (actually, a lot of self-published books are Kindle Best Sellers). It only means that to make Kindle Unlimited a saving machine, you’ll have to read:

  • three or more $2.99 books per month,
  • ten on more $0.99 books per month.

Unlike Kindle Owners’ Lending Library, Kindle Unlimited ebook subscription is for heavy readers, but you’ll have to read really intensively to make extensive savings.


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