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By on May 7, 2015

KindleSPY gives you and me a tool to browse any category in the Amazon Kindle marketplace and determine the profitability of each of the books in that category. Of course, that’s something that you could do yourself.  You could click on each of the books returned by the search, write down the information, do the calculations and record the results, click on the next book, etc., and after a half hour you’d have something worth looking at.  Or, you could just click on the KindleSPY button in your Google Chrome for Firefox browser, and you’ll have all that data in a few seconds.  So KindleSPY is a big time saver, like driving to work instead of walking those 30 miles.

Version 4 has just been released, and it offers a lot more:

  • Track the best seller rank of your competitors’ Kindle books over time
  • Provides an “advanced” algorithm for both categories and keywords
  • Lets you search on Amazon from within the tool (much faster)
  • Advanced Keyword Analysis

It’s kinda difficult to explain all those enhancements in words, but you can check out the KindleSPY videos, which explain how to use the original features and how to use the new, Version 4 features.

Of course, everyone who buys KindleSPY gets FREE lifetime updates to the software.

During the Version 4 launch, the price is only $37. I got Version 1 (so Version 4 is free for me), and I feel that I’ve already got my $37 worth and lots more!

So, you might want to buy KindleSPY now BEFORE the price rises on Sunday, May 10.


P.S. Tomorrow I’m going to explain how I use KindleSPY to help me with this blog. That wasn’t a feature the author intended, but it’s been a great help for me.


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