Paul Jarvis: His most useful business advice

By on September 21, 2014

Here’s some sound advice about connecting to people: how to do so as a person, not as someone trying to sell something to them. If you are genuinely interested in helping people, it will show in your posts, your tweets, and your emails … Ed.

The Internet isn’t a meritocracy, where we can just do good work, put it on a website and hope others will find it and buy it. Nothing will do this for you — not social media, not Kickstarter, not Medium, not Amazon, and not your blog. Unless you hire yourself to be the publicist/head marketing person for your work, it’s going to languish in obscurity which is next door to the land of broken dolls in a really bad part of town.

Here are some equally motivating since anyone can do these things without permission and depressing that’s a lot of people doing the same things stats:

  • There are 152 million blogs on the Internet
  • There are over 12 million books on Amazon
  • There are over 155 thousand projects on Kickstarter
  • There are over 7 million products on Etsy

Hot dog! That’s a lot of millions.So how do you stand out from the noise?

Read the rest of this discussion at The most useful business advice you’ll ever get from me / Paul Jarvis.

Paul is a successful ebook author and develops, in his words, “remarkable, business-driven websites for creative professionals.”


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