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By on August 2, 2015

I’ve been quite busy updating my book on creating Kindle Direct Publishing Select (KDPS) ads (Step-By-Step Kindle Advertising: Best Auction Bid and Targeting Tactics to Sell Your KDP Books Using Amazon Ads). Amazon made a lot of changes on July 29, causing me to update much of the text and all of the images in my book.

Anyway, while I was checking for changes to Amazon policies, I ran across the Amazon restrictions listed below (the source page is KDP Ad Acceptance). A small set of guidelines at the bottom of the page is only for ads that will appear on a Kindle device, not on an Amazon website page. I guess Amazon wants to avoid any controversy about ads that might be unknowingly displayed to a child or otherwise impressionable or easily influenced person via the screensaver or the home page.


Restricted Ad Content and Books

There are several customer experience sensitive categories that are not appropriate for a general audience. The following categories may be restricted from the homepage and Kindle E-reader placements:

  • Non-fiction self-help books relating to dating and relationships
  • Non-fiction books that allude to sensitive financial topics (e.g. bad credit or bankruptcy)
  • Non-fiction self-help books that refer to topics of grief, mourning, and loss
  • Books for weight loss
  • Religious or spiritual content
  • Books about political parties, issues and related content





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