Working with CreateSpace #1

By on June 14, 2015

After buying Paperback Profit Formula from Wesley Atkins, I’ve been transforming some of my books to CreateSpace format for physical publishing. This is the first of the posts about my experiences doing that.

The first book I chose to transform to CreateSpace is my espionage/military thriller Field Piece, The Complete Series. This book is actually two related novels with the same protagonist and antagonist and sundry other characters: Field Piece, Book I: Tehran and Field Piece, Book II: Azerbaijan.

I originally published all three books to Kindle using Adobe’s InDesign product. It worked well, but all my other books have been generated using Microsoft Word, which is really a lot easier to use, and Amazon doesn’t care one whit. So the first thing I did was to convert the InDesign version to Word. Then I copied the Word document into Wesley’s CreateSpace template. After that, I had to make a lot of time consuming edits because I lost some of the formatting in the InDesign to Word conversion.

I had trouble lining up the outside page numbers on the even pages and spent more time than I wanted solving that. Then I checked out Wesley’s extra videos that come with Paperback Profit Formula and discovered that he had addressed that problem and solved it for the user in less than 30 seconds. Arrgh!

I added the table of contents, dedication, etc. to the manuscript to construct the entire book for submission to CreateSpace. I uploaded it and CreateSpace told me I had a problem: fonts that were not embedded in the document. All right. I searched through the manuscript and found all the offending spots and fixed those and resubmitted. Checks out now with no problems.

Time to get the configuration for my cover. Of course, I already had the front cover, but for a physical book you need the back cover and spine. CreateSpace has an online tool that makes PNG and PDF file templates for your cover based on the following:

  • Interior type: B/W or color pages
  • Trim size: Wesley’s template uses 5.25″ x 8″ (easily changed, and he shows you how)
  • Book pages: #pages, filled in by CreateSpace from your submitted book
  • Paper color: I like cream for fiction and white for nonfiction

I filled in the blanks and clicked “Build Template” and got the following:

I tried changing the trim size, but that didn’t help. CreateSpace would not accept a book with more than 740 pages. I couldn’t possibly cut out 36 pages from my book, so I was screwed. You’d think CreateSpace would have indicated that when I uploaded the book. That would have been nice.

Next post about working with CreateSpace:  I decide to go through the publication process first using a book with fewer pages. Duh.



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