Working with CreateSpace #2

By on June 21, 2015

Working through the CreateSpace publishing process using an ebook with fewer pages – a lot fewer pages than my last abortive attempt.

This time I chose my short story book, A Scamp, A Scalawag, And A Patsy: Daniel Buys A Horse And Other Stories, which only had 54 pages after I set it up for CreateSpace. Based on the number of pages, the paper color (cream), and the trim size (5.25″ x 8″), the CreateSpace cover tool created the template you see in the graphic for this post.

Since I didn’t have hours and hours to spend on the cover, I asked my cover creator to finish out the cover using a blurb about the stories inside, a short bio for me, and an image of my horse Bonny at about 6 months old (the guy with the beard is me). I think my person did a great job, and it only cost me $20:

After a couple days the paperback version showed up next to the Kindle version. CreateSpace told me I had to charge at least $5.63 for the book, so I rounded up to $5.99:

Now the purchase area for the Kindle book shows the paperback price, the Kindle price, and calls on the prospective purchaser to save $4.70 by purchasing the Kindle version of the book for $1.29:

I feel that’s a pretty good result for my time setting up the book for CreateSpace (a few days) and the $20 I paid I may never sell one of the paperback books, but the fact that the paperback is available lends credibility to the Kindle version.



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